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  1. Thank you!!!

    Just want to give a big shout out for theme support, you guys are the best! I'm already happy with my yearly subscription as I've got a few websites but the mythemeshop support is second to none. Helped turn what I thought was a great website into an awesome one, answering and helping with general tweaks. Thanks again support, different class!!!
  2. Horizontal Page Scroll / Image & Text

    Hi there, I wasn't sure if this post was in the right section. I had asked the question as part of another post and was asked to create a separate ticket. Is there a solution to the horizontal scroll question? Thank you
  3. Horizontal Page Scroll / Image & Text

    Hi there, Can anyone help with info regarding how to horizontally scroll images/page (extending page or post horizontally) like this http://www.susanneottesen.dk/artists/show/72 it would be super appreciated. I've been looking for info / plugin for days now, downloaded countless plugins and still can's find one that does this. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! I am working with Blogging Theme. Thank you