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  1. Strange....when I do it now it works. Perhaps something temporarily then? Well, for now the problem is solved at least ?
  2. Hi! When I go to I get redirected to: It only happens when I am logged in to the admin panel in Wordpress, otherwise it works. It happened after I deactivated elementor and activated it again. A redirection was then added on to rank math. I removed that redirection but it somehow still remains when I am logged in. Any idea what this is about? It is the same effect on another computer. Sincerely Mikael
  3. mikael713

    Great Theme And Great Support

    Dont regret it for one sec :-)
  4. mikael713

    Great Theme And Great Support

    I am extremly satisfied with the theme "schema" and I am extremly satisfied with the support. It is both very good, fast and nice. You take very good care of me as a customer and I would not hesitiate one second to recommend you to another person.