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  1. Jitendraa, i have attached everything on both themes on the sensitive area, please help i am really stuck big time. the menu and grid are a nightmare that i can't be awaken from.
  2. This code worked BUT all the content got significantly reduced to its size.. like 2 words per line .. no matter, because i changed back to my sociallyviral pro... outdated, but i need its features. can you help me fix this issue on the css code you gave me? would it work on the premium version as well? man, i swear if i had the money i would have paid to update my pro version.
  3. I am using sociallyviral free. i want a custom css code to edit the grid size on homepage, categories and related posts. i checked the style.css file but i couldn't figure out what to change, i also don't want to screw something up then delete the theme and reinstall it. it would be nice to have it like the screenshot below. i have 2-3 words title and i don't use metadata like date, category..ETC) so give me the css code to add to it and adjust the look myself
  4. I am experiencing issues with the navigation menu. on both desktop and mobile. please help me. On desktop: 1) there is an empty space at the end of the navigation menu that i want to remove. the last part of the menu after all categories. i want this part removed. please refer to image 1 on Sensitive Data 2) i want the navigation menu to turn to mobile menu instead of this when the user try to zoom in...ETC) please refer to image 2 on Sensitive Data On Mobile: I want the navigation menu to have a close button instead of the user just click on an empty space to close it, it's not a good user experience. i also added image 3 just to show you how it looks. also the menu give a the theme main color line on the left side on all mobile devices, for example if you picked red as your main color, you will find a vertical red line on the left side of the site! ... can we get rid of that line? Ps: when i had sociallyviral premium i contacted support and they give me code to remove it, i can't access my old posts so please give me to me. Ps: i still use my premium theme as in my rights, i just can't access the premium support because i did not renew. i am not going to renew my subscription at this time. i will count on your support guys
  5. nevermind, i installed a plugin to control font size. thanks
  6. How to edit theme files

    i can't my subscription has ended. can you help me?
  7. How to edit theme files

    I am asking where to place the shortcode on the theme files.. for instance, archive.php index.php where to place the shortcode and what about search results and categories and related posts on sidebar....ETC) i need a walkthrough for this urgently
  8. I find any font size very disturbing on mobile devices... especially H2 H3 headings looks horrible and not even balanced like 3 words becomes 3 lines underneath one another that look so very ugly. i need a way to edit font size on mobile. on sociallyviral free and expired license socially viral pro. i dont want to change the whole font size because that fix it on mobile but destroy the look on desktop
  9. How to edit theme files

    I want to use Content Views – Post Grid & List for WordPress By CVSOFT LLC I want to use this plugin to create small thumbnails for homepage, category posts as well as related posts under each post. i requires me to edit theme files. if using sociallyviral paid version ( expired license but good for lifetime usage ) where should i place the shortcode of this plugin in theme files for this plugin to work on homepage, category and archives as well as related posts and sidebar widgets? i really hope you can help, i don't want to put them myself to avoid any unnecessary errors.
  10. where can i get a theme like this.

    If there is any theme or plugin for this, please help me. also i if mythemeshop team can help me modify my theme code i would really appreciate it beyond words... i am behind on my schedule and i really need this.
  11. I want to have a site with grid style with only minimal title ( 1 to 3 words) with fixed grid size for featured image and title. check attachment. like 4 rows and i specify how many to include per page. this is how i want my homepage to look like..... logo on the left and few categories on the right then this grid style and the proper page pagination then the footer with copyright info on the left and few pages on the right and right in the middle i want the ( back to top ) arrow ( footer like socially viral) ... as for the pages itself. i want it to be regular blog posts without the comment count, time and date, category...ETC) i cant seem to find any theme close to what i want.
  12. Noted. thanks. tell me, which value do i change to make the header space smaller ( the header's height ) it looks too big. i want the header to have the same height as the footer, not as big as i have right now and without making the logo smaller.
  13. I am using social viral pro but my subscriptions has expired. please have a look at
  14. i want a css code to have my logo positioned center on desktop as well as mobile i would also appreciate if you could give me css code to adjust the height and width of the logo because it is making my header look so big. or maybe something for the header size itself. no social icons and no search bar added to header. thanks
  15. Theme recommendation

    i had sociallyviral for a viral site a while back. right now, i am starting a relationship blog, you know... relationship dating marriage advice.,..ETC) not sure which theme to choose. i need recommendation. especially when it comes to category icons that matches such a niche. please help.