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  1. Hi Sam, That sounds great. Do you know when the update will be live and official out of beta? I'm asking because I would like to buy the plugin when it will have that feature out of beta and more stable. I don't really want to add it to my site right now as it is, hope you understand
  2. Hi Sam, Yes that's what I'm looking for. But...I need it after each question not only after the 3rd. And the ads must load properly and work with AdSense script codes. However I'm worried that since there is no page refresh between questions/answers, Adsense will not like that and suspend your account. From what I remember you need to have a meta refresh or something in order to repeat adsense ads no? So yeah in short that quiz demo you sent me is like 99% of what I'm looking for. Just needs the ad to be after every question not after 3rd, and work with multiple adsense codes.. For
  3. Hi, After clicking on an answer! So basically like this: The page has only 1 question showing with a few answer choices... when user clicks on an answer he is redirected to another page / or sees an ad (without the question/answer texts..just the ad) > after that if he's not interested he clicks on continue and he can then see another question on a new page... and so on... Like I said the best example is this website: https://gimmemore.com/en/knowledge/FED8Z/question/HF95O I sorta managed to accomplish this with another quiz plugin that I found on codecanyon, but it h
  4. Hello, Well, I can't display the questions on a page, due to how I planned my website design + I don't think it's good for engagement/pageviews etc. I don't really need any extra fancy settings for the questions though... Just to be able to show an ad right after someone clicked on an answer and for the next question to be on another page. I fully understand that this is not how you fully intended for the plugin to be used/developed and it's ok I just wanted to see if it was possible right now with the current version to do something similar like the Gimmemore.com multi-page q
  5. Hi, Yes I know that, but the quiz is not actually creating a separate page it just loads like ajax or something like that in the same page... plus I was more curious about having an ad after every answer/question... thats my main focus. It's ok if it can't be done, I understand this was a more specific request etc... but I just wanted to ask before I decided if I buy the plugin or not. So don't worry if it's not possible. Thanks
  6. Hi, One question in a page with next/prev buttons... to increase page views and have more engagement. thanks a lot.
  7. Hi, After each question I want to have an adsense ad code + another ad code With Promoted stories like Taboola or Outbrain. Like I said, similar to how this works: https://gimmemore.com/en/knowledge/KY8UN/question/AR25T Thank you very much
  8. Will you be able to help me out with that custom code after I buy the plugin? Or give me some directions?
  9. Yeah I need them between answers on a different page... like a multipage style quiz and not just reloading the quiz in the same page like i currently see on the demo.
  10. Hi, I'm looking to build a quiz similar to: https://gimmemore.com/en/knowledge/KY8UN/start What I'm looking for is the ability to ad an ad from Google Adsense + Content.ad or Outbrain on pages between each question/answers, like the example above. I know you can ad banners etc below an above the quiz or at the end, but I'm not looking for that. Is this possible with your plugin? Tried 2 other plugins already and no luck. Thanks, Stephen
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