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  1. Hi There, I created a few 301 redirects with rank math SEO from AMP pages to the non AMP version. But whenever I update those pages the /amp extension is automatically removed from the redirect so it is left redirecting to itself. This causes a to many redirect error and the page does not load. I hope you guys can test this and fix it up in a future update. Pretty sure its not on my end as I have this problem on a few sites and think it plugin related ie Prank Flix Videos Best Regards Ylia
  2. I started using MYThemeShop plugins and themes a few years ago and can only give the best recommendations for being the highest quality. Every now and then when doing custom jobs, I have run into small issues, but by using the Support Forum the team at MyThemeShop have provided solutions to resolve them. keep up the good work MTS team!
  3. Im currently using the Schema Theme by mythemeshop. I have found it excellent for creating fast loading websites with high search engine optimisation capabilities. Schema theme will respond well on various devices and its perfect for anyone looking to build a website that can be fine tuned for high page ranking within the search engines. Excellent support from mythemeshop as well. Many Thanks Suraj and mythemeshop Ylia Callan Web Swift SEO - Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation
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