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  1. Hi there, I purchased the Splash theme back in 2015 and realize the support has run out. However, I would like to get some help on it and try to figure out how I can get my content more to the top of the page when visitors visit. Is there someway to pay for support only? Will support help me customize/make changes to the theme to get what I want? Lastly, is it possible to talk to someone first to see if what I am looking for already exists, or if it can't be done with Splash? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I have never asked for support before but was wondering if it is possible to remove the extra white space in between my header image and secondary menu? The site is: https://icehockeylife.com. I added the image manually through the editor code as nothing gets uploaded when I do it through Theme Options (i.e. I click on 'Insert into Post' and nothing happens). Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have looked at the Demo theme and more specifically the "ShortCodes" section. Some code is provided for buttons and list with icons. But it looks like there are other features like text group colors, text splitting, etc. Are these documented somewhere code wise?
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