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  1. We are interested in buying PointPro. We have the following questions: 1) Is it seo optimized like social viral? 2) Can the gallery have photos and videos? Can this gallery be popup? Because right now it is only showing pictures. 3) Does it have social buttons as in social viral? if not can it be put. 4) Can the menu be fixed and remove the news ticker.
  2. Thank you very much for the prompt response.. What i mean was can the home page show all the categories? And have another question Is theme PointPro more SEO optimized? or the same? Or which theme is more seo optimized Thank you
  3. I am looking to purchase the theme but I have the following question. Sorry if they are dumb: 1) Can it have a fixed menu? 2) Can it have a home page more corporate style? 3) Can the theme be customized to show categories? 4) Can the theme have to show a calendar of activities. For example can it be integrated with http://demo.myeventon.com/ 5) Can you play music in the theme? 6) Can it include at the bottom of the posts all the companies that sponsorship us? 7) Can it have slideshow? 8) Can it have a grid of images? 9) Can it have a gallery of videos? Basically what we want is to do a kind of corporate site but with social interaction. Hoping this questions are answered asap.
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