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  1. Thank you for your reply. When it comes to buying themes, plugins and other SEO tools which claim amazing things, I been burned too many times, and words do not mean a thing, specially testimonials from marketers who have other interests, even if is just driving traffic to something, unless I see real proof that one of your themes does what it claims to do, you will not see my money. Ask yourself, Why should I pay you/your company money for something that I potentially would never even use, if the product is not good enough and does not do what I need it to do? I don't need an answer, this is your dilemma, I can only guess that you do not trust your own products that much, if you not able to help a potential customer. And that certainly does not inspire me with confidence either. I got a few other options to look at which do not involve mythemeshop. I truly wish you and your company twice the success, your business module brings your customers.
  2. Hello Support, Thank you for your reply. I take it from your response that you did not actually understand the point i was making. I was talking about your customers ranking with your themes, I was not taking about your demos. Do you understand that? Thank you for clarifying your company policy about refunds. So you know, about UK refunds policy, if you sell products to UK customers you must also comply with UK law, and UK customers can get a full refund for a product up to 6 years, not just 15 days, if your software is broken or does not do what is suppose to do, by law you have to provide a full refund to UK customers. https://www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds Whilst on this topic, and just in case others here reading this are not aware, if you sell a software products to Germany, Germans customers have even much stricter consumer regulations/protections in place, which your company must also comply with, e.g. if you sell software with free updates and/or support for 1 year, Germans are in fact entitled to updates for life, not just for 1 year. Anyway, enough of that, can you please answer me question, I'm considering 3 of your products, how can I test some of your premium themes in my own server to see if either of the themes does what I want it to do?
  3. I been looking at some of your demos and have done a ton of tests, but I'm not totally convinced that ether of them are what they appear to be, from speed to seo.. In particular, I'm concerned that your themes are not actually even ranking with Google, and this would means that the themes may not be totally SEO friendly as you might think they are. From the random testing i been doing I'm yet to find one ranked in the front page of Google... Very simply test, search for a product in Google and then examine all the WordPress sites that come back with a result and so far have not seen one of your themes ranked. Also the speed, can be misleading if you hosting your demos in a fast server, the moment you throw the theme into a shared hosted server how fast does the theme speed go? i been able to locate some sites running such themes and speed was worst them my current theme. i certainly think that you are going down the right track by making sure the themes comply with pagespeed insight and other similar services. As an individual, not a company, with an affiliate Woocommerce website running in a shared host, and literally not making any money, I would like to have a play around with some of your themes, but they appear to be extremely expensive to buy, how can i test some of your premium themes in my own server? Do you comply with UK laws and provide full refunds if a UK customer is not happy with your product?
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