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  1. Hi, When we use the percentage, point or circle system for the review we have a rating out of 100%, 10 or 100. On the other hand the user rating system is always based on the 5 stars system. Therefore if i use the point system, i will have for example a rating of 7,4/10 and a user rating of 4,5/5 (see attach file) Is there a way to change the user rating (or just the way we display the result) so we have a rating out of 10 (in my example we would have 9/10) so visitors have common standards of rating? Thanks.
  2. Hello (sorry, i just get back from vacations). I'll try to elaborate. On the backoffice, i set up WP review with 4 default features (feature1, feature2, feature3, feature4). I got these 4 features on all my product page. On the WP review widget, i have the possibility to display the top rated product page. This ranking is based on the average of feature 1+2+3+4 Is it possible like to display the top rated product page for each feature. I would therefore have a widget with the 5 top page for the feature 1 for example. Thanks, g.
  3. Hi, I'm using the free version of the review plugin and will move to the pro version but i was wondering if there is a way to display the top for each features as we have the top for the average rate on the widget. I don't believe that this is a feature of the paid version but is this difficult to set-up (is there some filter i may use by exemple)? Thanks.
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