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  1. Testimonial

    After using free Wordpress themes for years - there has been some decent ones but nothing compares to using a premium theme. This was my first time and I consider myself fortunate to have chosen My Theme Shop - Interactive theme. It is magnificant.It is very professional looking and lightwight so it loads fast. I can tell that the theme developers went to a lot of effort to code this theme to optimize it in every way possible - as well as coding in a lot of features. I was amazed at all the theme options for customizing a lot of details for style and function. Probably one of the finest theme developers out there - for sure. Steve Denger
  2. Flat magazine

    Wonderful - you are so kind to get back with me so quickly and it is greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to building with a professional theme instead of the free ones I have dealt with for a few years. Thanks again Steve
  3. Flat magazine

    Thank you for your quick response. I noticed when I am in the "Interactive" theme section that there are several different themes. I liked the "Flat Magazine" one but I liked how the default interactive header was a different color as well as the slider text on top. If I buy the "Flat Magazine" theme can I style it to change header colors and etc? Are these themes all interchangable or do you get just the version that you pay for? There is not much general information on this. This is my first time purchasing a theme and I want to get it right the first time. Thanks Steve
  4. Flat magazine

    After looking at several "My Theme Shop" themes I only like the "Flat Magazine- Interactive" theme. The only drawback is - I despise single row post features like is in your category post features. I would like the categories to have two row feature posts like the home page. I also like a block of featured or related posts at the bottom of the "story pages". I also need to be able to put a few native adds in the sidebar. Can this be done? If this can be fixed this way I will purchase the theme. Otherwise I would not be interested. The $20 per year in addition to the cost of the theme is a slight over-kill, but I will take it if you will fix the theme the way I mentioned. Thanks Steve