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  1. You're welcome, thank you for creating quality software products.
  2. Oh great - I was starting to think maybe there was no interest. That is a welcome surprise. Thanks
  3. Hi Prime and Ninja, I last week I contacted support, used the showcase contact form, and also let Suraj know about the interview, but I got zero response so far. Could you please ask if they would have a look at it? - I would love to make this contribution. Will appreciate it very much. Thanks, Paul
  4. Ok I finally had time for this. I completed the interview based on the format of past interviews, and I sent it to them. Hope it will be well received
  5. You're welcome Prime. P.S. I'd be happy to do a customer story such as this one: https://mythemeshop.com/blog/customer-stories-interview-with-adrian-makarov/ I am using both NewsPaper and WP review pro. I switched to newspaper on 2 sites and this is what happened: - On both sites the average page views per visitor increased by about 33%. - On one of those sites the average time on site increased by 30 seconds (from 2.5 to 3 minutes). I can talk in more detail about it in the interview. Apart from that the sites look really good now. And as you can see by my post count, I've been making use of the excellent support here, mostly to make some customizations here and there, which all went very smooth and without delay because of the quick support. Who do I need to contact to arrange an interview? Edit: oh yeah and happy new year!
  6. Just wanted to say, the support has been really great. It far exceeded my expectations - it's super fast and helpful. As a coder I can also appreciate the software quality. It's not perfect but width the quick support any of the minor issues are quickly solved. The themes has a modern look and very good mobile screen real estate optimization. I'm using the NewsPaper theme myself.
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