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    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Issues with Thrive Architect

    I still can't overcome the issue. Almost all the posts have this issue where I use Thrive Architect. I can assure, the problem is not with Thrive Architect since such issues never happened with Yoast SEO. Please come up with a permanent solution. I tried removing the content and adding it again, clearing cache, but still, Rank Math can't find the focus keyword added. I tried other methods, adding content using WordPress editor block in Thrive Architect, but still, the issue continues.
  2. mohanrajeec

    [Rank Math SEO Plugin] Issues with Thrive Architect

    Now, I can see the issue happening for new blogpost! The focus keyword was in title, h2 tags but still its showing focus keyword not found!
  3. Hello, I recently moved my site from Yoast to Rank Math and I'm facing issues with Rank Math. For example, 1. I added outbound links in this post - https://bloggingio.com/best-wordpress-hosting-india/ but Rank Math still shows no outbound links found. I cleared cache but the results are same. 2. In this post https://bloggingio.com/best-wordpress-themes/ I added the focus keyword for img ALT but still it says focus keyword was not found. Also, my secondary keyword is Best WordPress Themes 2019 and the term is present inside the content, but plugin says the focus keyword wasn't found in content/H234 tags. I can also see the plugins says no focus keyword found in title, keyword density is zero. However, everything was present in the content. I added login details.