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  1. Hello i want to buy all your themes but your monthly renewal is something that i am not understanding...sometime i get 99$ foe all your themes and plugins with no monthly renewal....is there any package like that because if i buy all in 87$ then monthly renewal makes it expensive ..guide me plz thanks
  2. Hello Everyone i don't know where to start ...but let me tell you honestly...i was ( i am actually )not a professional blogger and i even don't know how themes can be purchased...well after buying my first theme that was interactive theme i never need any help...but then i fell in love with Sociallyviral theme ...i think four days ago i buy socially viral and i uploaded it on my blog... After sometime (not more then 5 minute) i need help and i post my first question in forum...that was sunday...they replied me within four hours.... i was amazed and happy but story not end here... i placed my 2nd question,,they replied me soon...and the maximum time they took while replying me was 4 hrs and that was only due to sunday(mentioned above)...after that i start questions as much as i can...they guide me and help me as simple that i can't tell you.. i am not writing this for expert bloggers/users ...this is for new user to "blogging world"...i have posted more then 10 questions related to my theme design today and they replied me within minutes...so i am 100% satisfied from their service,their team.After lot of questions i am sure to say that ... i am going to write some more questions for my blog....now its your turn Thanks MTS Team... Best Wishes From http://www.apnaidea.com/
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