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  1. Recurring Payment for Themes

    Hi, My category archives have stopped showing content that I had added to them. With the free Socially Viral theme they were showing up fine. Please suggest.
  2. Recurring Payment for Themes

    I just purchased the theme and installed/activated all recommended plugins except for Mega Menu which is failing every time I try to 'get' it. Please suggest how to go about it.
  3. Recurring Payment for Themes

    Thanks for replying! In the premium version, shall I be able to reduce the size of Navbar fonts, since they are spilling to the second line there right now?
  4. Recurring Payment for Themes

    Hi, I do want to buy the theme SociallyViral, but am getting distracted by very little available at the level of customizing in its free version. I hardly can change much in the Customizer, not even the size of Navbar fonts!
  5. Recurring Payment for Themes

    Hi, Why should I pay you every year for a theme? I have never seen happening this anywhere else, themes are always a one time purchase. That's why I stopped while purchasing Socially Viral theme. It should be a one time purchase in my opinion.