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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply. So with a little trial and error you could style an ad for example on the home page and display it between the video posts without alignment issues. I love the default set up as in the demo and don't want to lose the symmetry.
  2. I want to create a socially viral site using videos and this theme seems ideal. However in the demo I cant see advertising, does the theme allow advertising sympathetic to the overall layout and how would you achieve that? Thanks
  3. I want to set up a site to promote Internet Marketing tools, Wordpress plugins and software. Possible a review site but I have not decided yet. I had in mind "Authority" but do you have any suggestions as to which of your Premium themes might be suitable? Thanks
  4. Having been involved in WordPress site building for a while now I have purchased various themes and plugins over the years. Whenever I have had a problem customer support has ranged from acceptable to virtually non existent. Recently I had an issue with a Theme and posted a support request, the post was responded to within an hour or so and after additional information from me was posted the support agent logged in to my site and corrected the problem. All in the same day! Look no further if you need a great Theme with awesome backup!
  5. Feeling Happy With My Theme !

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