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  1. Thanks Todd, i write this kind of testimonial, because you people just deserve it and sure will love to spread about your service everytime i have opportunity, this way i am helping those who feel Helpless and who feel NEED HELP, and to my believe they will feel the customer momment long forgotten just like me cheers
  2. Hi, There from few years ago i always attracted to good looking themes, and many goodlooking themes always been a Premium theme, so i join few theme club to purchase their good looking theme, only to find my confusing on using it, configuring it to my standart desire could take hours, a deep learning curve, a demo setting that look not much like the demo, the theme is slow and many other problem that put all together will make you NEED HELP....yeah...When i am in this condition of NEED....the help comes very slow, could take days, and on many part, not solving the main issues...i FEE
  3. Hello, i already email u at the "contact us" as you stated above, and Thanks for the straighforward answer, Really Help me. best regards
  4. dear my themeshop i got email this morning about discount using 9dollarMTS coupon from suraj for 24 hours period, and that was a great news, and so i immediately purchased sociallyviral, then this evening (in my country) i decided to purchase another theme, splash or scheme using the 9dollarMTS, but too bad, i got this message Coupon usage limit exceeded, it just strange, it is not 24 hours yet, and the email said nothing about number limit, yet it said about 24 hour time period ( which is not 24 hour yet ), it make me feel gratefull (to get sociallyviral) and dissapoint both in same da
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