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  1. I now have bought and used about half a dozen times and almost as many plugins and the support has been exemplary. In a day and age when tech support folks are often less knowledgeable that those they are serving my experience is just the opposite. The folks at mythemeshop are a highly knowledge bunch. I like the fact that if they don't have an answer to give right away they take the time to research the problem and find a relevant solution instead of trying to push some quick fix at you. I also appreciate the honesty and transparency of saying something can't be done if it can't without making customers look stupid or seeming to ask for to much. The products are of the highest quality to start but the excellent gold star support makes the purchasing decision easy. Since purchasing two themes a couple years ago I have bought several more. Recently when design a site for a client this was the first place I looked to find a theme. While this has not been my only theme or plugin source for my WordPress development it is by far my favorite for all the reason I mention. Please keep up the good work and thank you.
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