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  1. i said it before and i'll gladly tell anybody who's asking: MTS and their support not just solve your problems, they tought me to solve them (bit by bit) myself!!! this might seem silly, but does wonders for your predictability, control, and feedback love these guys and girls
  2. I call for more MTS Products & Services! But first a deep bow and THANK YOU to the people who bring us all this creativity, that you can actually roll out, send and plan for. You can choose all your favorite expressions to fit the formula. And the beauty is if its not in the Theme, there's your Formula Usability Advisor (ie. kill your babies :-). And they've rubbed off on me! I love pasting their code, seeing the magic happen, and being all proud! My only request is I want to buy more from them! Meanwhile, keep up the fantastic work folks! Thanks and Respect Bert
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