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  1. No Filter In Forum

    Hi, I am new here, what if I wanted to see only posts that are related to MyBlog theme? I think it's not good to find a info to clicking next page button again and again.
  2. Hello, is there any recommended size of featured image, embedded Youtube video? Or theme automatically fit them and show thumbnail?
  3. [MyBlog] Support

    Hello, I am looking to MyBlog theme, which is very simple and clean WP theme. I see that your very popular theme is SociallyViral, but about MyBlog theme - how often do you guys care your another themes, products? Will this theme be updated when Wordpress updates itself?
  4. So the free version of this theme and full version has same issues or?
  5. I tried to add that CSS code, but it was not working. And regenerated all of thumbnail pictures, no changes.
  6. Guys, same here (lawstudent.mn) Posts in the archive (some category) does not appearing properly.