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  1. I bought 2 themes and 1 plugin now.. Think to get another 2 more plugins soon..
  2. Firstly, what I like is the simple and clear-cut design from the Mythemeshop. The theme designed in the way of "play and save" function and there are plenty of customization can play around. I have been experiencing the great support from Jitendraa. She answered all my question, even gave me some suggestion! I have recommended this to my friend who is the web designer background. After he went through the demo, he said this to me, they [mythemeshop] have done the great job, I see them using all the latest web technology. Thank you again from Vincent.
  3. Hi, sorry for the rush, and i order immediately...
  4. hi, anyone can help me? Or my question is not clear? Depress to buy the theme.
  5. Hi, to check with you before proceed the order. 1. The Partner section: is it clickable with insert the link to the page/ blog? 2. The Training section: can I insert the link into each box with direct to the blog category and sub-category in this interface: http://demo.mythemeshop.com/justfit/blog/ Example: url.com/category/sub-category-1 url.com/category/ Thanks.
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