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  1. I was looking for a company that in addition to the themes also would give me assistance, professional and fast. In MyThemeShop I found this. They are the Best. And not only that, with patience and perseverance. Help is something incredible. Thanks to all the MyThemeShop team! Claudia from Italy.
  2. I can say that I never found an equal to this support. I'm really excited to have purchased a quality service like this. exceptional themes and easy to handle. You are fantastic. Thanks for everything! Claudia from Italy.
  3. When I started working on wordpress I had the misfortune to buy Themi by companies that supposed was painfully slow. Here are very fast and clear. I'm glad you have purchased a membership, a wide variety of themes and a great help, BIG Support. Thank you. THANKS SO MUCH. Claudia from Italy.
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