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  1. Hi Guys, I normally develop sites with the Genesis Framework but have been taken by your Schema Theme. I need to develop a WooCommerce Site and would like to apply some of the styling that you've used in your Emax Shop Theme to Schema. I am particularly referring to the wishlist and add to cart functionality and styling. Would you be able to help with this? I'd only need a bit of direction and can implement any code snippets on my own I read somewhere that I won't be able to add CPT Custom Post Types to Schema... That's odd... is this true? I need to make a full width layout for the home page. So, would I need to create Full Width Template to accomplish this. By the way, what is the absolute width of Schema and what Media Breakpoints have you set it up for. Did you develop this theme from the S_underscore base and does it incorporate Bootstrap 3. Perhaps, you could tell me a little more about what's under the hood. If I wanted to hook a widget after the header for a slider would be possible and do you have a tutorial that touches on this level of advanced customization? Would it be possible to change the schema from a blog to a store? Also, could I get control of the schema for individual pages? Perhaps, a schema plugin like the one that Raven developed can be use to accomplish this. Finally, I use a Plugin. Responsify WP to help with image optimization. Would I be able to use it with Schema or would there perhaps be a conflict.? I really like your focus on speed and am nearly on board. Look forward to hearing from you. Thx Shunyata
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