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  1. Hi, Mythemeshop supports has been kept at the HIGHEST level, leaving the rest of the Theme supports lagging way far behind. I have been posting more than 10 queries in this forum and times and times again, the supports especially Jitendraa and MistaPrime, proves their professionalism in the domain with top notch quality responsiveness. Making my life in customizing my website has never been so successful and fruitful as compared to my previous theme support. Kudos to all the supports in Mythemeshop and I'm very sure that this theme will certainly emerge as the BEST Wordpress theme support ever if there is a "BEST Theme support Awards"!!!! Wishing everyone within Mythemeshop a VERY happy holiday season!!! Warmest regards, abc
  2. Extremely satisfied user, credits to the excellence support team from Mythemeshop!! It's definitely a BIG assets to have and I believe Mythemeshop must be very proud of them. Special thanks to Jitendraa and Mista Prime, they are really skilled profession and their response to the queries are lightning fast. With them around, Mythemeshop business will certainly grow bigger and further. Awesome team!! A very Happy user!!
  3. Hi, I would like to show my greatest gratitude to the support of Mythemeshop especially - MistaPrime and Jitendraa!! They have shown their expertise on issues I'd faced while customizing this lovely Point Theme, not only proven that their excellent knowledge on the domain, but also the extra miles they are willing to go in order to keep their customers at the highest satisfaction, I am 110% extremely satisfied with their support - BIG thumbs up!!! They are indeed the greatest assets Mythemeshop have and knowing such awesome supports, it certainly encourage more people in using Mythemeshop, I will definitely explore other products within Mythemeshop. Kudos to MistaPrime and Jitendraa!!! Best regards abc
  4. I have accidentally click on 1 Star ratings, but i could not edit the ratings ... please help to change it to 5 STARS!!!
  5. Hi, I would like to express my gratitude to MistaPrime and Jitendraa for their prompt and effective response towards the issue I faced using Point theme! Both of them showed and exercised their technical know-how to it's greatest extend and was very promptly when replying to queries! I believe they are a great assets to Point theme and looking forward to explore more themes or plugins from Mythemeshop - knowing the support is a triple AAA ratings!!! Kudos!!!! Best regards, abc
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