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  1. 3) By default, the menu usually derived sections (categories). And I wanted to know whether it is possible in the menu - tags? in fact, if it is not clear, you can not answer. It's a side issue. For me, the main issue was the number 1 and 2 Thank you for your responses
  2. Hello. Tell me please 1) Does this topic buttons Russian social networks? vk.com and ok.ru - it is very popular social networking sites in Russia if not, whether it is possible to add several of these buttons, along with the standard that also looked great? 2) Links to tags in this theme are provided after at the post. Is there such a technical possibility to show the tags before post? (before or immediately after the header) You can help with this and how easy is it to do? 3) whether there is an opportunity to use the sections tagged on the top menu? thanks a lot.
  3. Many thanks to David.C for help in correcting a bug in the theme POINT Thank you for your quick response and easy solution Thanks to your team, that despite the fact that the Thehe is free, you are helping all people Sorry for my English. Warm greetings from Russia, good luck with your work!
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