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  1. Hello, looking at the change logs for the free (2016) and Paid (2021) change logs of the Socially Viral theme, is this theme going to be updated any more? I assume that Rank Math is the #1 focus, but I'm not sure if I should focus on a different them store as the themes are no longer being worked on?
  2. Hello I noticed this theme has not been updated at all in 2021, is it still being supported?
  3. Hello, I was looking at buying one of the memberships, even though I only need 1 theme and 2 plugins, but will there be a black friday sale and I should wait to save a little money? Thank you friends!
  4. So in the sidebar of the themes it says it comes with a 5 site domain license, is this an old setting?
  5. Why I ask is because the themes show a 5 domain usage in the sidebar, so not sure why it says 5 domain usage with a single license
  6. Hello I'm curious about buying the membership / yearly subscription If I get the one site license, does that mean I can only use each theme or plugin for a single site, but use other themes for other sites? So say I have 3 website ideas and buy the yearly subscription for 1 website. Can I use one theme for site #1 A different theme for site #2 etc.? Or is it 100+ themes and plugins for only 1 website no matter what?
  7. As an online influencer, downtime is horrible! I fell in love with the new Cyprus theme and wanted to use it with my WordPress installation. I ran into a small issue with my page builder, but the My Theme Shop Support Staff came to the rescue! With one simple support post, I was online and looking great! Thank you MTS support!
  8. Ok. I ask because I noticed that when you use developer tools in Chrome that the homepage services look bad on the bigger phones like IPhone 8 Plus. Do you know if there is a way to change the responsiveness for the bigger phones?
  9. Hello, I'm thinking about the Salvation theme and I see it was released in 2014. So it's pretty old. Do you retire themes and no longer support them? Also would you recommend a newer theme like the Lifestyle theme for being fast loading? Or is the Salvation theme good too? Thank you so much
  10. Hello amazing My Theme Shop Staff! I'm looking to create a charity type website that will have many podcast episodes. The Salvation theme is very nice and close to what I may purchase. The problem is that the demo shows the blog posts with audio example yet the audio bar is on top of the text. So this is not ideal. Anyways I just wanted to ask if you know of any nice My Theme Shop themes that allow audio blog posts that would look nice for a charity website? Thank you again amazing staff.
  11. Hello, I'm just curious if the websites birthday or any special offers are coming soon to take advantage of some great theme deals? I'm just looking at one theme, not the whole package. Chris
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