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  1. Hi would you be able to add custom areas like in the schema custom slider. Either to the homepage featured posts or to the homepage header posts. I like to add around 5 of my best posts to my homepage to boost them up and with schema and truepixel i can do this. With this theme it seems i cannot. That's the only issue i have at the moment. Thanks
  2. Thank you. With a very poor quality supply of themes for the easy digital downloads platform and many users, it would be great. As edd is a port of woocommerce it should be quite easy for you to implement. I'll keep checking back and hope you do this. Peter
  3. Hi could you please port the e-commerce and woocart themes to work with easy digital downloads. Their is a very bad selection of themes for this platform and i would like to use these two specific fast quality themes with edd. Thank you
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