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  1. My bad habit of including many topics and issues into same email/request... There was one last point that I would love to get some response from the experts : - which theme would you suggest can be "best fit" - to be used for (all on different pages): a clean Blog (no commerce), a Portfolio (without -and with commerce), with all the social connections, With Schema support, Custom Post types, Video/Audio/Text posts... AdSense optimized, SEO ? any "Login/account" needs to be able to "hide" on the pages where there are no Commerce ... via templates- or selectable Top menu on a page level an
  2. Would you be able to say anything about the functionality and design of these 3 templates: WooCart eMax Store TruePixel I already have the WooCart theme - but I wanted to know IF , without having to change any code - just with option panels alone, are enough flexibility in all the themes to give similar result? From the demos eMax looks to be utilizing the screen better than WooCart - with better flow in UX and not looking as "boxed" as WooCart, so in that sense eMax looks more modern I have not seen any immediate settings for WooCart to make the changes .. TruePixel looks clean, but
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