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  1. thanks but I can only update plugins and not the actual theme...I have v1.05 I believe the current version is 2xx ??
  2. How can I upgrade to the current version. I believe its 2.1....I still have 1.0.5 thank
  3. not to mention the support....excellent
  4. We are interested in purchasing the Schema theme and was wondering if there is a discount coupon available?. Thank you
  5. I have worked and still do with customer service for 30 years. You go that extra with a customer and they will always come back. Mythemeshop does just that, and members are loyal and will buy more and more. I have never been so proud and grateful for being here. All the best!
  6. Yes the support here is fantastic.
  7. I just wanted to share my thoughts and gratitude to all support staff here. You all go beyond support in helping others. You provide a little customization whereas many companies do not. They provide problems with bugs only. Mythemeshop goes that extra mile, and people know it. That's why they keep coming back and buying more products. It's nice to see users customize their design. It gives authors ideas to create more new and exciting themes. Me myself I am no programmer but have learned a lot over the years and will help anyone as much as I can. Again, we can't thank you all enough, You're the best. Cheers!
  8. excellent support from Jitendraa...thank you very much
  9. How many of you guys run this site? Just curious
  10. The support here is truly fantastic. The respond time is amazing...they code this stuff so it's fairly easy for them
  11. Very experienced support staff who know their stuff...and very quick to reply and help anyone who is having problems. I can not thank you all enough! Thank you so so much!!!! You're the best!!!..
  12. In all the 7 years with multiple wordpress websites of which many failed due to boredom and lack of interest, I have never come across a well designed theme with speed capabilities as sociallyviral. UNREAL...check out the snapshot from our recent pingdom test http://www.blogwire.ca/postpics/pingdom.jpg Our site is loaded with (24) plugins and over 1000 images along with videos and still the speed is good. All thanks goto the authors here and members who share their views and pointers... thank you all, you're the best!
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