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  1. No, problem, thank you! I've already bought it and it seems that it works with WPML. But I have sooo many questions. Because it also seems that it's a bit confusing for me. I don't know set up many things. Where can I send my questions? Don't you have live chat? It'd be the best communication tool.
  2. Thank you! 1.if I test WPML with any of your free themes, will it work with your premium themes too? 3.And isn't possible to make that image from homepage(with a little bit coding) to appear on pages and posts?
  3. Hello! This theme is probably the only one that meets my requirements. But I've got some questions before purchasing the theme. 1.Is it compatible with popular WPML plugin for translating content? 2.Is possible to make the homepage image wider? To the edges/margins. 3.Is possible to make the homepage image appear on every page I'd choose. An Example: Michael Hyatt and his pages and blog posts. 4.Can I add right sidebar to the homepage next to blog posts? 5.Do I need purchase some other plugins for connecting subscription forms with GetResponse? Thank you for your responses!
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