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  1. The support at MyThemeShop is amazing. This is the only place that I keep a subscription at, as it is worth every penny! Even when I want to "change" something that I figure might be impossible to do, support always comes through for me. They have never made me feel like an "idiot", even when a change I want to make is an easy change and should of been obvious how to do it. The other really important thing to me, is the fact that they have a support forum, so many times I am able to go through it, and figure out how to do something by reading solutions to what others have requested help with. I highly recommend MyThemeShop. You won't regret it! ~ Cathie
  2. I can not say enough about the customer service here. They are friendly and never make me feel like an idiot, even though sometimes I feel like one because the solution to some problems are so obvious. The support forum is awesome as well, for searching and finding your own answers to your problem. I highly recommend MyThemeShop
  3. I can not say enough about the customer service. The people are polite, professional and have never once made me feel like an idiot, even when the solution to my problem was an easy fix that I should of been able to figure out myself. I highly recommend MyThemeShop and will continue to pay for a membership for this excellent service until I am no longer dealing with websites . Cathie
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