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  1. 1. I want to purchase review pro plugin, is it compatible with Splash theme ? 2. Does this plugin also works in comments, as shown in demo ? (i have splash theme and want it for the same). 3. if i purchase this product then do i get access to premium section in forum ? I have lots of data over there related to splash theme. 4. Can you give me any discount coupon for this product ?
  2. i have splash theme and it crops homepage thumbnail images. I just want to ask, is this theme also crop thumbnail images, actually i don't like cropped images at all, i want the full images in thumbnail size. I like this theme very much but i am worried about the thumbnails
  3. If any Indian facing the same payment problem then try to purchase the theme with different computers or different networks and make sure to have a good internet speed.
  4. but after purchasing theme i am facing some issues that i have mentioned in other post in theme support
  5. finally i purchased the theme ...i think the issue was with my network provider ...i contacted my friend who lives in a different city and finally from his computer the stripe gateway opened up. I think some of the networks are blocking stripe.
  6. I want to purchase splash them but i am not able to pay through your system. As you know Indians can't make purchases with the money that they have in their PayPal account and also because of RBI issues with PayPal, PayPal is also not accepting most of our VISA cards. So, in short i am not able to Pay via PayPal in anyway but when i try through your credit/debit card link then it takes me to the payment page where i can not find any section to which i can fill up my Payment Info and check out. Please help, i am trying from past two days and already tried three visa cards with PayPal but it see
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