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  1. I have been using Best Theme for the past few months, and it is so excellent, in terms of Ad-sense Optimized. I don't know much HTML coding nor CSS, but the myThemeShop support forum is very useful, and helpful. Esp MistaPrime, fast turnaround time, it's almost like having a Partner. Thanks so much! Highly recommend your shop to my friends.
  2. MyThemeShop staff have great patience with me, even from the most basic request on styling colours, basic HTML, CSS questions, they have been very patient with me, and work tirelessly on my requests as I keep sending them lots of questions this past week. I am most thankful! MyThemeShop support added tremendous value for my users experience. Wonderful thanks alot again!
  3. The Support Team at MyThemeShop has extremely fast turnaround time. I was on Honeymoon from Asia and we travelled to US and it seems the Support Team does not sleep, they always answer my queries, even the most basic questions, with great patience, I am most thankful! and forever grateful. The theme is excellent, well-thought out, I love their Adsense placement, and their great patience with me, on all the Custom CSS styling, thanks alot!
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