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  1. Hi Ben! thanks for the response! Im install the plugin and it works well! thanks for the tip!
  2. Hi! A month ago I launch a new web for technology in spanish, his name is TecnoRockers.com and is based in MagXP. Its a child theme, is not finish yet, because mobile is not working properly and is a everyday job, but Im working on it when I have time. MagXP is a very good theme for magazine sites. Obviously is not perfect, but it works really well. CONS In spanish we need more words, so the limit is very small, I think that an option to activate crop texts or a number of words is a very good option to this theme. I change the value in the code but the crop option is in a lot of places and not in a simple variable, so I have to change a lot of files to change the words crop. Image resizing is important two, because this theme uses his own values and not the WordPress standard values, so I have to change the dimensions in code and no in the WordPress panel. Translation is another problem, because you cant change all the content, I have to change some things in code and no in the translate panel or the .po file. Content repeat in home is another problem for me, because one post appears in a lot of places in home, and a post sometimes have a lot of categories, for example a post is in the home slider, in latest news and in a category row. PROS A really great thing is the how fast is it, its REALLLLY FAST, cache system works very well. Templates are awesome two, the parallax effect it works very well. The panel is very good, you can change a lot of values with simple clicks. Resuming, a very good theme for magazines, with his issues obviously, but very well maded.
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