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  1. My Feedback : -- Earlier I was using Point theme , because of your great customer support - Now I am Pro Member I am using Magazine theme , Its nice , good no. of icons I would like to thank the support team for the great work Affordable Themes Seo Optimized theme Clean commented code I thing I like the most is ,, Responsiveness , Its viewable in all types of devices Thanks for everyting Ankit Gupta website : www.instafable.com
  2. I have tried 15 debit cards & 5 credit cards ,, But only 1 worked today , Thanks for such an amazing offer and amazing theme. Please make sure ,, I have downloaded the theme , doc. Can I download the theme multiple time from the account , If I lost the theme that I have downloaded . & Can I purchase more theme , by using this offer One again Happy Birthday MTS Thank you
  3. I have also used another Internation Debit Card, but card was declined after entering details . I also contacted my bank customer support for this issue , they have told me , that card is valid for all types of transaction.
  4. I am not able to pay the amount , Is there another way to pay the money (internet banking) I have tried 5 debit cards , all are not working . After entering details , cards was declined
  5. I don't have paypal account, credit card But I have Debit Card , Can i make transaction in Indian Rupee (INR)
  6. Thanks Sir , for answering all my questions & for the screenshot of the admin options panel (Magazine theme) 1) Limited Time means ? (plz check screenshot) 2) can offer be available on 1May ( right now -- 30 april ,Indian standard TIme - 2:58 pm) , I will be buying theme on 1 may or i should buy immediately
  7. Happy Birthday MyThemeshop . 1) Are you really giving themes in 9$ ?? 2) Is there any hidden charges ? 3) What's the last date of buying themes , because i need some time to think 4) Does your theme support wordpress 4.2 5) do you charge for theme updates , later / in future if I would like to update 6) Limited means ? I saw this on premium themes . Magazine Theme :-- 1) I am interested to buy Magazine Theme , I can't see option panel there 2) Does Magazine theme has home page creator option available 3) Browser compatibility available or not ? 4) does it support woocommerce 5) it has color category feature or not 6) which type of framework it will support If you think another theme will be good for me , I am looking themes - Magazine, MagXP Please also give me suggestion and tips , my website - www.instafable.com I loved your customer support & what type of support i will get in premium products Thank you in advance
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