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  1. I have been using themes with Mythemeshop for two years, but practice many, but only stick to Splash and recently bought Lifestyle. really love this theme! I had a problem with Lifestyle playing, then opened a ticket for the expected solution. Mythemeshop support team gave me the very quick response, and had a few back and forth message, my problem is totally solved. Now, am happy with new theme play, which makes feel comfortable to get my website design raised to another level, all thanks to Mythemeshop professional help/ Definitely, use it for long. Thank you
  2. Hello, I am using Ribbon to create my new website, and would like to change font family to 'Open sans' I think I already did that, however, why my theme does not look like Open sans font?? Would anyone here plz point out what the correct code to change font family for everywhere across the theme?? Thanks a lot in advance Steven