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    I have never doubted my choice

    I used other themes from elsewhere before for work and I know how important support is. These days someone can sell you a theme, but providing the after-sales support is the game changer. Hence when I wanted to buy a theme for my personal blog, I was looking for a company that specialises in theme development and has a team...not a single developer. I'm not saying a freelancer is not good, but the problem is a popular one-man show won't be able to handle the massive volume of after-sales inquiries that require customisation and all other "nonsense" the good-ol' customers can come up with etc. Because it's a marathon, not a race. TruePixel is my first theme with mythemeshop. I bought it in 2015 after going through the reviews (and also making sure they're a team...heh) and the coupon discount on the theme definitely helps kick-start the relationship. Till this day (3 years now), I'm still running this theme on my website. Recently, I contacted them about a renewal issue ('m like hello, why aren't you taking my money haha) and then I discovered that my credit card was being declined as I've canceled it. And very kindly, they sent me a customised invoice with the same billing amount. Everything was resolved smoothly in less than a day. This is what I call outstanding after-sales support.