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  1. Hi Guys, I purchased a theme which is schema theme a while ago. My site which is www.sforcemaximizer.com has been under a malicious attack and it is throwing errors. I am in the process of moving my site to a new shared hosting and purchase a theme . I like the tabloid theme and have questions. 1. I would like to add ads like an image or text with description on the right navbar of the site. Is it possible with this theme? I plan to add 3 logos? 2. I also want to add 3 ad on the main home page as well . Is that possible? Let me know if tabloid theme can do it? Buyan
  2. Hi, I have a website www.sforcemaximizer.com which uses mythemeshop template. I am planning to purchase the wp pro subscribe plugin but i want to make sure that i can do the following features. 1. I want the subscribe form with 3 fields namely name, email and company text fields which should be displayed on the left nav bar. Does your plugin allow that? 2. I want to integrate google analytics conversion code so that i can put the conversion code after the form is submitted. How do i do this with your plugin? 3. I want to integrate mail chimp so that all the name and email fields are populated to a mail chimp list. Is this possible? So please let me know so that i can make the purchase? Thanks Buyan
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