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  1. Hi again, I bought Schema. I have a doubt. The theme version is 1.0.6. Will it be updated in future. And those updates are free or I have to pay. This is because of security concern. Many themes gets updated regularly. Regards
  2. Thanks a lot for answering ToddMTS, I will buy the theme within day or two.. regards
  3. There are few basic question more I want to ask before buying Scheme Themes 1. After purchase, will Schema theme will be branding free. 2. Will it be compatible with my all my plugins below. Also please tell which one of the below can be avoided if there is a related feature already provided in the theme. Plugins – All in one Schema.org Rich Snippets. All in one Wp Security Async JS and CSS If Modified Since Header Simple Download Monitor Social Popup W3 Total Cache Wordpress SEO WP-ShowHide WP Review WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop WP Tab Widget. 3. I want my site to work faster with proper SEO. So I hope that Schema will have all feature. Also what does it include for spam protection. 4. Incase of any error or solution I need, does Schema theme has any kind of technical support. Thanks. 5. And can I use this theme on multiple sites after purchase.
  4. Hi, I have a website that provides news and updates on Video Games. I am rightnow using a free edition Supernova theme on that. There are some major issues I am facing on that. 1 - Google Wehmasters Hentry errors. Errors related to author, updates and title. 2 - Supernova theme has changed all meta description of every page of my site. When I search my site on Google, I can see Powered by Supernova, under every title. I want a theme that can help me to get over this two problems. And also with SEO benefits. Hentry error is common in many themes. Before this I was using Ribbon theme. When I search on Google I can see a lot of archives indexed. Can anyone recommend me a decent magazine type or SuperNova type theme that does not has all this problem. Also it must be responsive and have some seo features. Regards
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