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  1. Thank you Todd, The slider was not a big problem for me cause as you said there are those plugins that work that way. My biggest worries are for this same feature ( to link to a url page ) regarding the news, the ( latest posts ) (popular posts ) which are in the sidebar in your theme. Those ones don't belong to the slider, but I need they to do redirect the same to an url page which is place into my forum as forum thread. For what I know for example....in the ordinary way.....the latest posts are automatically uploaded by the theme and displayed into the website. In my case, the latest posts are written only in the forum as a forum thread, so....knowing that won't be automatically uploaded by the latest posts plugin, I need to point them manually adding an url page that address to the forum thread in object and I guess I also have to upload the pic and the title by myself. I'm really a newbie especially in wordpress but I guess the Silder revolution or the Layer Slider can't do this; they work just for the sliders. Please let me know if I'm wrong, cause if is possible or you know a way to achieve what I'd need, it would be great, while if is not possible I have to change a bit my general idea of the website. Thank you for your time
  2. Thanks for your reply. I can't access to premium support as I still don't own any premium template. My question was in order to know if with your templates I can set up urls instead of id posts for sliders, carousels and sidebar widgets such as ( latest posts ) and so on. It would be helpful for me to know how you'd integrate this feature. Would be with an existing plugin? I know some plugins that do this, but my main worry is to ensure also the latest posts and news to work in that way: Usually these features take directly the content from posts, but as I said, my website does not have posts, so those widgets in my case have to offer the url space, the uploader space and title space. I'm highly interested in the design of your themes, but due to my particular request I'd need to know something more if can be all possible or not. Thanks again
  3. Hi, I'm very interested in most of your Magazine themes style. I've already read is possible in your theme's sliders to place Url pages instead of ID posts. Is it possible also for Magazine theme NewsMag and for other magazine themes? I'd also need to know if the same feature is available also for the categories ( latest posts ) ( popular posts) ( breaking news ). I'm asking this because the entire content of my website will be written into the forum of the same website by my members and me: (I've installed simplepress and buddypress). So, I won't have any blog and any post, but just thread of the forum where all the articles will be written. Hope I made myself clear cause english is not my native language, but I hope in your answer even if will be needed some more explaination of what I mean and need. Thanks in advance for your time.
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