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  1. These are just a few words of appreciation about the support I have received so far. I purchased a Pro version of a theme from My Theme Shop this week. I absolutely love the theme I am using since it is perfect for internet marketers. The options it has are amazing and just ideal for my needs. I have contacted support for help with customising the theme on several occasions. I was answered by two support staff by the names of Jitendraa and MistaPrime. On each occasion I was offered the solution I was looking for which was really great. For a product like a WordPress theme, support is something very important to me for any customisations I need to make. I am very impressed by the support here. Great work guys! Thanks all your first class support!
  2. Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing Schema theme. I would like to know if the main navigation bar can be changed at all? At the moment the default colour is black. I would like to change it to something lighter. Thanks Mustafa
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