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  1. Dear MyThemeShop Team, Loads of Thank You for all your support all the time. I bought so many themes and plugins from you guys and the customer support is totally Awesome. Keep up the great work and keep coming up with new theme and plugins. You guys ROCKS. Thank You, Ajay
  2. Thanks a zillion Team .. I will buy the theme and contact you. Thank You
  3. Hey Team, I saw the new theme SteadyIncome and loved it, I am interested to buy it but before that I like to get some answer for following queries: 1. On the home page, there are only 2 posts displayed (one on Tutorial Category and another of Latest Post). My question is in that place only 2 posts can be displayed or I can display 8 or 10 of latest posts or 1 or 2 posts from few different category? 2. The WP Subscribe Pro is integrated and even I brought the plugin individually before for other theme, but my question is I am using "Get Response" email marketing service so is it compatible with GET RESPONSE? 3. The header menu covers only half of the screen, so can it be full length across the screen or on the limited part only? 4. What are the ideal image size for the main section just below the menu and what are the ideal image size for post images that will come as thumbnail or feature images. Please reply at the earliest, so that I can purchase it. Thank You Team, Ajay
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