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  1. Hi, I'm still struggling with a theme choice for my techblog. I write technical articles/tutorials that are IT related. I'm looking for a theme that is very good in SEO and the site needs to be excellent is searching. I cannot use anything with featured images per post. Something like Yosemite would be great however Yosemite without the featured images is pretty boring. I'm looking for Yosemite+ Do you have some advise? Or maybe request for a new theme? Please have a look at my blog now. I'm looking to translate this into a MTS theme http://www.markbrilman.nl
  2. Thanks for the advise David! I think I can apply SteadyIncome to my site very well. I already searched for blog themes but I was curious to MTSs opinion as well. So thanks for answering.
  3. Hi, Which theme would you recommend for a techblog? It's a blogroll with technical articles often with one or more categories. (eg windows, terminal server, server 2012, etc). So the display of the blog cannot be category based. Featured images aren't used very often. The blog must be easy to search and must be indexed very good so people can google for error codes and keywords etc. So this is not really a question about the business theme; more a general question. But I am required to select a theme. Kind regards, Mark
  4. Hi Jitendraa, Do you know of a good Video Slider plugin that is tested and compatible with MTS themes? Kind regards, Mark
  5. Hi, I would like to display a video in the slider on the main page like on this page: http://wordstructure.com/ Can you tell me if it is possible with the AppTheme. If not do you have a theme similar to AppTheme that can do it? Kind regards, Mark
  6. I implemented a theme for our table tennis club which I was not completely happy with. It took me a lot of time and customization and finally after days of work I decided to take my loss and switch themes. I purchased the developer license from MyThemeShop (cause I do like a lot of their themes) and implemented the OnePage theme; which could not have been easier. In about 2 hours I implemented a site which I was happy about for 80%. I did have some customization requirements and have been helped with all of them. The staff of MyThemeShop is quick with support and technically very skilled
  7. Hi Todd, I already took a leap of faith and ordered the developer subscription yesterday because I like several themes. I got the site yesterday evening up and running for about 80%. I'm very satisfied with how the theme works and how it's configured. I do have one or two strange things with the site. I will post them in the support forum. Thanks for your advise. Kind regards, Mark
  8. Hi Todd, Thanks for the quick reply. Both themes look like they could work. I do have a few questions though: Is there a slider on the Onepage theme? I do see some options for it but I don't see it in the example page Can I use different widgets on the right sidebar? Or are they pre-programmed in a way and is it not possible to customize? Is it possible to make the featured images smaller? Like in the 'Great' theme? Is there a way to trial the theme? I bough several themes in the past for different websites which didn't seem to work well or didn't do what I needed after implementation. So
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a new clean theme for our Table Tennis club website. I had a look at the free Great theme which is very nice; but missing the responsive slider. Then I had a look at the paid Spike theme which is very nice as well. Only I read that the slider contains photo's of the last number of posts of a specified category. I'm looking for a theme: - with the look and feel of Great or Spike - with the cleanliness of those themes - 2 column with a blogroll and a part for widgets - With a slider that I just can put photo's in Do you have advise for me which theme you
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