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  1. I now bought the theme to test it. What you can see now is, that it shows the featured posts on the german website version, while it does´t show them on the english version. This is for me a theme related thing and not a WPML related thing. What do you think ?
  2. Hello, I know, how the configuration and everything is done. My problem is, if I wanna use i.e. the big featured posts in the Interactive theme, which are configured in the theme options, I have to specify categories. So for the german version of the website, I would need to specify in the theme options the german category names, while I would need to specify the english category names for the english website version. So I would need a language dependent setting in the theme options.
  3. Hello, the website link is here. At the moment, there is Point free installed as theme, which does´t have the options, I am talking about.
  4. I am planning to buy the Interactive theme. Additionally, I am using WPML to handle my multi-language content. How can I ensure, that the homepage contains for each language the referring language based content. I assume, that the homepage is generated based on the settings in the option panel. And there I can specify i.e. categories. But it would be different categories for me, depending on the language. Let´s say, I wanna see english language posts, slider content.. on the english version of the homepage and I wanna see french language posts and slider content on the french version of th
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