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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for a new layout for my blog. The new theme must have 2 tools: Ad-Blocker Detector Home Slider I was wondering if it's possibile to add an home slider to "Ad Sense" theme and which are your other themes that already have an Ad-Blocker Detector installed by default. By the way, it would be cool to have and option to search among your themes by tool and not only "Last ones"/ "Most popular". Thank you. Daniele
  2. I tried 2 times to pay through my paypal account but I aways got an error message, it tells me to don't go ahead because I risk to pay it 2 times like it was 2 orders instead of 1 and to wait half a hour to check if I get the confirmation email. At the end nothing happened and re-tried to buy and... same problem. What's the matter?
  3. Hi guys, I've an issue, i've one blog only but I purchased 3 of your themes while looking for the right one: Best, Blogging, and Socially Viral. At the end I decided for Blogging running on my blog and I'm very happy of it. Now I'm going to open a new blog and I'd like to use the Socially Viral theme that i never used, but I can't find it in the download page here on my account, while the Best one is still downloadble. I guess it expired. The point is, since i bought it once, can I have the last version of it before it expired? I mean at the end i bought 3 of your themes and I'm using just one of them. Waiting for your reply, thank you in advance! Dani
  4. Is it possible to add a box that users have obligatory to mark to approve my blog privacy policy as they subscribe my mailing list?
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