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  1. The themes and plugins are elegant, smart, and easy to use, and the times I need help wth something, I always get fast and brilliant expert help. MyThemeShop is fantastic, and I am a fanatical and happy customer and fan.
  2. All your themes are beautiful, ease to use, and very cleverly designed. I have become a fanatically loyal customer here, and the few times I've found themes by other companeis I like, I always end up using one of your themes after all, since you have so many looks to choose from and I know I will always have an easy time making it work. Also, when I am confused about something or need a special thing to work, your support people not only ALWAYS solve the problem, but does so so very very quickly. I recommend MyThemeShop whenever I get the chance. Highest marks!
  3. I am really happy I found Mythemeshop. I ended up here through choosing two of your excellent themes (Point and TruePixel) for two sites I'm working on, and the few times I needed support, I got friendly and professional and extremely quick responses from mythemeshop's genius support team. Once I find a company I am really happy with, like Apple, Adobe, Bluehost, then I become a fanatical loyalist, and mythemeshop.com has that status with me now. You can expect me to be with you guys until the Sun burns out.
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