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  1. Hi Yes that solved the problem. Now I can enable fullscreen on the demo, thanks. I have two other questions: 1. Is it possible to set the playlist view as default. So if I click on a post the video of this post is opened in the playlist automatically. 2. On your playlists you just see a thumbnail of the next video but no title. Is it possible to enable this so user see the title of the next video in the playlist?
  2. Hi Thanks. I understand that you can't risk to change something which is looking good on other devices. But that the bug that you can't make a video full screen with your player seems legit. I testet it on 2 different desktop computers with 2 different OS (Windows 10 and OS X Yosemite) and it didn't work. I testet it on 2 different mobile phones with 2 different browsers (HTC One M8 Chrome Browser & Firefox and Samsung Galaxy S7 Chrome). So I guess this bug is not just on my devices because 2 of the devices I mentioned are not mine.
  3. I checked it out and the bugs are already there. I am using an Android phone with Android 6 and Chrome browser.
  4. Okay thanks. I will check the demo asap. Hope the bugs are fixed.
  5. Hi Thanks for your answers. I have some more: 1. I found two other bugs: Vimeo videos are not displayed in the correct ratio on mobile phones. They look like a vertical video in preview and if you press play the vide is played in the correct 16:9 ratio but at the bottom and the top there is a huge black bar. If you click on share on a video the sharing popup is cut of a little bit on the left. So my big question is: If you do fix this issues (and maybe some more I'll find) in the next update: When will this update be available? Because as you can imagine I don't want to sta
  6. Hi I am highly interested in your theme "Video" but after checking it properly I found two bugs on mobile desing: 1. If you enter the site on a mobile phone the header crops a part of the content. This happens on overview and single page sites. If you begin to scroll just a little bit the header jumps to the right position and than there is no cropping anymore. 2. On mobile devices the videobar (where you can click play and see the progress bar) is overlaying the video that much that a huge part of the video is not visible. Why do you not place the video bar beneath the video?
  7. Hi I am interested in your Sensational theme but I have some questions which are really important to me: 1. Is it possible to change the size of the featured image. I want them to appear on the post overview full width and the excerpt text below the image. 2. I also want that the featured image appears on the detail post page by default. 3. I really like the category tabs on the left. Because I have a lot of categories and don't want to show them all is it possible to limit them to e.g. 10 categories? And can I choose which one? 4. Would it be possible instead of the c
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