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  1. just don't put in the video in the box, instead use iframe code from youtube. Click on the video on youtube and use the embed code.
  2. Thank you for making a great theme, To start off your support was amazing. I noticed that on the Video theme the view count had a glitch with the view count and reported it. You said you would include it in your next update. Since then you have released new themes. So you staff are working on this rather than fixing your themes available. I also asked if you could change the size of the player but you replied I would need a coder. You wrongly advertised that my earnings would increase. After installing this theme my clicks went down to zero. The reason is the main ad that was normally next to the video is impossible to see when viewing the video and has to be under the video. This stops people from clicking your ads. So please remove that your earnings will increase as they went to zero clicks. Since then I have embedded smaller videos so the side bar slips back up and the video appears with an ad beside it. Boom adsense has increased back to normal. If you just made the player smaller and fixed the view count this theme would be the best video theme on the market.
  3. Hello, A couple of questions... In your video theme does google bots scan them as video? no plugin works to show your video pages up on google as video with thumbnail. Hopefully this one does. I have many urls on the net leading to my pages with post name in url like www.sdjkfj.com/post-name-is-here . Will this template create new pages with new Urls? Thank you for your awesome support
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