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  1. Could you please explain further what is this Translation Panel? Does this come with the theme selected or it is built-in? Thx.
  2. Sorry, the correct link to the jpg is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7d4065w10jw6tgc/these-results-in-jap.jpg?dl=0 Got problem trying to upload and attach an image here...
  3. Hi, Montgomerie. Thx u for the fix. Great, it works nicely now. Questions: How accurate does the translation work? 100% or subjective? I meant from English language to other languages. Does it translate search results and search labels (within the input fields)? To give you a better picture, I have attached a screen capture link for you to view. After General settings in WP, the search results and title did NOT translate fully (due to some symbols like - and >), which is very puzzling to me even though the .po and .mo language files have been generated. (see attached link to a jpg -- > ) I need to confirm this before I know it can work well and then commit the purchase of this plugin. Thx, Brian
  4. Hi, I am trying to preview a live demo for Google WP Translate on your site. But after selecting language options, nothing happens and the live demo site is still not translated to my choice. So does it really work? Please check. Hope to hear from you soon. Thx, Brian
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