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  1. also, i am waiting on a message for a refund from customer support? will they get back to me today or will this be a couple of days.. i cant add a plugin and start working til i find out if they will give me a refund. thanks
  2. and is this paid for 1 theme? or all the themes one would have?
  3. how much is the 1 yr for updates and support?
  4. hi, on the money flow theme when u buy it.. it says it is expired at a certain date. where for example the schema theme is "lifetime" wht exactly does this mean? Does the subscriber have to pay additionally $ annually? to get updates? If so, how much
  5. the support i have received from themeshop is quick and efficient. i am very happy with them. They make a novice like me feel very secure at working on my site. They are ver prompt when i ask a question and dont make me feel dumb:) i am very satisfied. thanks support!
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