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  1. Hi thank you for the feedback After posting it to facebook using facebook app, the game restarts. You still cant view the result.
  2. Presale question Hi, I created quizzes using the free WP -Quiz. I really loved it. I tried to share it using desktop browser it was good. There was no problem also using mobile browser. But when you use facebook app to content lock the result, the error occurs. The users requires to share the quiz in order to view the result. What happens is, the link (with result photo) was shared in their timeline, but the result of the quiz did not show after posting (trivia or personality quiz). What I did 1. I already added my Facebook APP ID in WP Quiz Plguin 2. I als
  3. Hi I really love your quiz plugin, and I want to start a new quiz website using it. I downloaded the free version of WP QUIZ Pro just to try it. I tried to edit the default settings, from OFF to ON (ex. restart question, promote plugin) and saved it, but it will only go back to its default settings. There was no changes. I am afraid that if I buy the Pro version, this issue may still exist. Please help me, I am ready to buy the product. Thank you Best regards
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